Monday, October 4, 2010

japanese style isn't really mine.

rindu budak kecik ni-nur khadijah adura

ok busy. but still sempat write a new post kan and fb 24-7 ON. aiya.. stress with all the assignments and presentation. such a busy week i must say. i dont have any class tomorrow but still already have work to do.

oh yes now i really am a full time student! dont even have time to go out. have this mini reunion plan with my matrix buddies that has been postponed for months. wtf. i need to go out! i even buy online clothes frequently, since i dont have time to go out. the only mall that i get to go to is student mall in front of my college. pretty lame huh? i know.

hate this semester, but still next semester going to be worse i guess.. need to put my super extra effort to finish my fyp. and yes will have to stay at the fabrication lab all the time. bye-bye afternoon nap.. and hello solar cells lab. fyi , my supervisor was graduated from nagoya institute from japan and been staying there like forever. he even speaks japanese fluently. can you imagine the way that he works? 100% japanese style which is quite difficult for me to cope with.

one fact about my sv dr. rusop-he always check his fabrication lab at 5 pm almost everyday to make sure that his students are still in the lab and nobody go back earlier than 5.

scary huh? what do you think?

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