Saturday, October 30, 2010

obb preloved sale. oh awesome!

i went to obb yesterday. and it was awesome guys. there's a lot of fashionista there. and ive a chance to meet the owner herself jezmine zaidan. she is super cute and nice.
they are selling clothes and accessories for just rm3-rm30. it was soo worth it, since all of this dresses, shirt are still in a good condition and not to mention some of them are branded items.

meet other fashionista like shea rasol and yanny also. both of them look super nice and very stylish. too bad the picture of 3 of us coming out blur so i didnt post it here. ;(

got my self 4 dresses and a necklace. for only rm70. cool huh? dont be jealous. im sure they will organize this kind of event again next time. till then. enjoy the pictures.

with the super adorable jezmine

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