Saturday, October 16, 2010

dedicated to my beautiful twin cousin

Rabbiatul Najua Rosman . Nurayuni Tahir . Rabbiatul Natrah Rosman

i didn't have any sister so you guys are the perfect sisters i always want.
they are on the top of my best friend's list. now and then.
in fact the best-est friend i ever had.
they never judge me and NEVER say anything that would hurt me.
always be there for me. IN ANY CONDITIONS.
their opinion matters to me.
in fact only their opinion matters when it comes to fashion.
NEVER FAIL to give me good advices.
I'm just happy to be around them.
if I'm feeling lonely sometime i know I'm not alone because i have them in my life.
because we are family.

thank you for everything.
my life is so much better with you guys in it.
miss you guys.

ayu sayang korang :)

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