Sunday, October 24, 2010

ohh stefan! you "stake" my heart!

have you guys watch the vampire diaries?oh wait of course yes right.
i just watched that series this week and it was awesome!
and i must say vampires in this drama is wayyyy hotter than twilight.
and the actors are putting more heart to their acting too.
what do you think?
just finished watching episode 6 for season 2 and it was heartbreaking to see stefan cries in the latest episode.paul wesley is such a great actor! :((
im officially obsess with this stefan guy. idk why. i know damon is hotter and sexier and everything but stefan just catch my attention. hehe
there is something about his eyes, voice, personality.
maybe im not into bad boys anymore. :)

im just so obsess with this guy. PAUL WESLEY.
i think his character in the vampire diaries suit my dream guy.
i love everything about him. i mean absolutely everything.
i think im getting crazy now.
i cant even stop talking about him.
never thought i can be this fanatic about someone other than my bf ;)

p/s: i still love you syg. dont worry ;p

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