Thursday, December 30, 2010

j' adore!

i love all of this outfit. i just loveee them!lookbook makes me drolling to the max. i just love to see all the beautiful people with nice style. lookbook is definitely gives me some sort of inspirations.awesome!
i love evrything about this look!

lovee the blazer!

i love this adorable vintage look.

super nice effortless style.

love the combination.adorable

this pants! i want this pants! :)

love the top. maybe pair it with long black skirt or skinny jeans. it would be awesome!

2010 is coming to its finishing line. the curtain finaly closing. hehe. i dont have any extraordinary experience this year.but i did met alot of nice and beautiful people. especially bloggers. but apart from that i feel blessed for wonderful life that has given to me this year. despite of all the heart breaking moment that ive been through, overall my life has been quite good. and i am very grateful for that. i really do. so, bye 2010. gonna miss you.
i hope 2011 will bring lots of joy to me and my family. i wanna live my life the way it should be. i cant wait to finish my study. i know im going to miss my study life, people around me but i cant wait to step into the new environment, new adventure, and yes meet new people. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

oh no! it will end soon!

I just wake up from my afternoon nap. But wait, is sleeping for 4 hours is still called as “nap”? haha. I haven’t slept all night yesterday and I have to take my mom to the hospital for her check up early in the morning. And we have nasi lemak for breakfast after that. There’s a small restaurant near my house that sell one of the best nasi lemak ever. Unfortunately the drinks didn’t taste so good. Hehe

Holiday is coming to its end but I just feel so reluctant to go back to uitm. Or should I say, too lazy to become a student again? But for future’s sake I have to struggle in this last semester. I wannna at least maintain my cgpa or maybe increase the number a lil bit since my dream to get first class has been tragically crashed by my own past mistakes. So wish me luck okay. I can’t wait to get a job and have my own money. Wanna help my parent and pay back at least small portion of the sacrifices that they have been done for me. But yes I will miss my university life. I was fortunate to have friends that have been so wonderful to me. I wanna appreciate them more, insyaAllah. Thank you guys, for everything.

So, I’ve been occupied my time with cooking lately. Not all the time of course. Just recently. Hehe. This is all because of my friend aisyah nadiah who write lots of recipe in her blog that make me wanna try. She makes everything seems so easy. J check out her blog by clicking her name.

ive been making this baked potato with melting cheese on top couple days ago. and it taste really good! hehe

p/s: my internet connection is freakin slow. so when i view other people blogs the follower box doest appear. thank you for following my blog. will follow back later, insyaAllah :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

new year, new hope :)

muke skema :)

new year's coming and everyone is busy making new aims and wishlist for next year. so have you guys make one.? i dont. hehe. there are so many things in my list that i havent done or at least even try. :( feel quite dissapointed with myself.

so for next year maybe ill just try to finish or at least try to fulfill all my aim from 2010 list. taking swimming class for example. my friend always forcing me to go swimming with them. and i refuse everytime. hehe, sorry guys.

i guess i have many regrets this year. not in a decision-making but more to the negativity in my attitude. i havent been a nice person i think. there's alot of negative vibes in my mind, my heart this year. ive done things that im not proud of and i even said words that i didnt even mean.

so this year apart from my determination to "check" all of my 2010 to-do-list, i wanna be a person with a positive mind. i wanna appreciate people around me more and become a better muslimah, daughter, sister, gf, friend and cousin. insyaAllah.

i wish 2011 will be a very meaningful year since ill be graduating this year :) and i hope Allah will always guiding my way to be a better person.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

with love :)

again i visit gunung lang but this time i drag my bf along.
i love it here. very nicee scenery just wash away your worries.
ahh i almost crash a car odw back from our trip. scaryy. thank god nothing happen.
im a terrible driver :((

Friday, December 17, 2010

when boredom strikes

at padang ipoh wearing menyapu "lantai"skirt. hehe

at this moment, my cousin are facing the traffic light where there are lots of car stop for red light. haha.

its been such a boring day so me and my cousin decided to go to our fav mee kari stall earlier tonight. we just didnt wanna go home just yet, so we just drove around to find nice spot for us to do a lil camwhoring. hehe

we stop at padang ipoh but unfortunately nothin intresting there to make us stay. the scenery was just dark and plain.

so my cousin suggested this crazy idea that we should take pictures at the sunway city area where there are very nice christmas "ict" tree and santa monumen. haha. the problem was it is situated absolutely at the main traffic light junction at the sunway city area where lots of car passing through that area.

we did it anyway. and yes we got a lot of stare from the driver who stop at the traffic light waiting for green light, and we just dont care. i guess boredom can really force people to do something that they didnt normally do. hehe

Thursday, December 16, 2010

peace contest

so ive decided to join a contest organize by this lovely lady ezan idma.
this is my first time joining on9 contest.
check out her blog by clicking the banner peeps.

okay. this is the picture that i decided to submit.
let the game begin :)

im going to tag



with adorable+funny maria

i just love the way she wrap her hijab. meet pqa

with qi :)

with stylish shatirah

meet my friend ida who kindly enough to drag me along with her. thank you :)
beautiful hana. speechless

and.... me
camwhoring as usual.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

gunung lang :)

me and my family along with my aunt's family went to gunung lang today :)
gunung lang is one of the recreation place that is quite popular in ipoh.
eventhough ive been staying in ipoh like forever, but this is actually my first time went to this place.
the scenery is breathtaking. i just love the environment and the view of this place.
will be visiting again next week and we plan to have a picnic while enjoying the view.
cant wait :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hey ladies :)

dont know why, but my brain seems to be shutting down when it come to blogging.
so i just let the pictures tell the story.
have a nice day people :)