Friday, October 8, 2010


finally i have a chance to go out from UiTM. me and my friends went to pkns to shoot our last scene for our mandarin class's project. and yes we have to act in front of so many people who walk past was quite embarrassing act.hehe but honestly i am soo relieve that this shooting thingy's finally over. it was fun but super tiring. i have to admit that im soo bad in acting and memorizing the script. so i think engineering is the right course for me.hehe

have a day off tomorrow from all the assignments and projects. i wanna go for a movie act, but i dont have any friend to go with. wanna watch magika so bad. i saw magika's trailer on you tube and it seems interesting.

so, im going to sleep early todayy.. i havent got enough sleep this couple of weeks. super exhausted. but hey,cheer up, the worst is yet to come. haha.


i miss you love. so bad.