Tuesday, July 13, 2010

me oh me


after class today ;)

just went to times square yesterday since my class end at 10.30 am.
it was fun! its been a while since me and my friends hang out together.
for me times square is a shopping heaven. u can get nice stuff for very reasonable price..
im not into branded stuff *tak mampu (x_x)* hehe
for me as long as its comfy and nice ill just grab it.
bought myself new pair of wedges and baggy shirt and jumpsuit lookalike top. ;p
and loving them.
all of us are buying new shoes, and my wacky friends force me to wear straightly after paying for the them. haha.
sadly my practical allowance is still MIA. so i have to limit my money spending.. ;(

Monday, July 12, 2010

hello ;)

my best friend

back to shah alam. bored. still in holiday mood. didnt even listen to all the lecturers. didint have any interest with all the subjets anyway. again, i have a great weekend. going back to ipoh last friday. my dear boyfie bought the ticket for me. sempatlah dating sekejap before i left.hehe

it was fun at home.! and the cheescake was super delicious as always. it was a short weekend though. i have to go back to kl on saturday because i follow my chu and paksu who just bought himself a Mercedes compressor. cool huh? bestnye banyak duit kan. tapi takpe. bersyukur dengan ape yang ada akan buat kite lebih gembire. ;) hehe the car was cool also. takde manual2 dah. semua button2 je. wanna adjust the seat, just push the button. button for this, button for that. confuse giler.and saya sgtlah jakun okkayyyy.. sumpah tak reti langsung!!

rase cam nak kumpul duet banyak2, belikan abah satu mase dah keje nt.tapi keep on dreaming ayunie. tapi kalau gaji sebulan 20k boleh kot. possible ke? haha.
and then, just lepak at chu's house. and all i do is eat and eat. strawberry with chocalatela, hotdogs, nuggets, ikan masak lemak cili api, paksu's signature fried egg, sayur campur, bendi rebus, karipap ikea, ubi kayu goreng and many moreeeeeeeeeee.. burppp.. sgtlah kenyang!

p/s: im quite dissapointed because i cannot be there at my nephew's sport day where he's the leader for bacaan ikrar ;( nasib kak su rakam. thank you technology! haha

Thursday, July 8, 2010

sister lovee ;)

another great weekend. i love spending time with my cousins. *because they are so loud and fun* we decided to go for midnight movie last weekend. i wana watch toy story 3. i havent watch that movie yet. (lambat kan??) but all of them wanna watch knight and day.(T_T) yeah kami sangat ketinggalan in this movie department.

go for karaoke first since the movie start quite late. it was a cool place and comes with a very reasonable price. rm15 per room.pretty cheap huh? but too bad they didnt update the new songs. im singing sang mantan by nidgi. and i sound sooo the song though.

the movie was fun. cameron diaz is so hilarious. tom cruise also. best action movie eva! because they have comedy along with the actions. and tom cruise doesnt look that old! still smoking hot! ;) dont you think? im in shah alam now. no wireless in my room. and im sleeping without a pillow. sakit belakang! im going back to ipoh later. my sis in law bought me a cheese cake for my birthday. kak sue sgt baik. and the best part is the chef make it special for me!oh yeahhh.. *poyos?.. i know..* till then tata!

p/s:passing my driving teat already. but im still a terrible driver *quote from en tahir* (*_*')

Monday, July 5, 2010

weekend oh weekend

weekend with the = FUN!!
my jpj test will be tomorrow. freaking out!
wish me luck.
hope everything will be fine ;)
just now practicing with my dad. he was keep on ranting about what a terrible driver i was.
make me even more freak out. just hope ill be passing tomorrow. (T_T)
please pass me mr jpj! hahaha