Saturday, January 29, 2011

nena's birthday suprise

went to look out poin ampang and the scenery was breathtaking.
seriously but the food was so-so.
didnt have much time to write more.
i need to study for my interview this coming monday.
wish me luck guys. i really need it.
till then.
have a nice cny holiday :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

happy birthday nena

just got back from look out point ampang, celebrating my bestfriend's birthday. will update the pics later. goodnight peeps :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

what a life!

aku semakin kenal dengan diri aku.
semakin lama semakin banyak pengalaman di kutip
semakin tahu bagaimana mahu handle sesetengah gelagat manusia.
tapi ak juga semakin berubah
sarcatism menjadi biase bgku. ak makin tidak selesa. sesetengah gelagat menyakitkan mata.
ak tau kamu dan kamu juga tak selesa tapi maaf mungkin ini ak sebenarnya.
mungkin kamu perlu belajar menerima sepertimana ak menerima kekurangan kamu.
tak mampu lg berpurapura. bukan kerna tidak ade rase kasih atau respect terhadap kamu dan kamu, cuma mungkin chemistry antara kita semakin pudar. :)
atau mungkin juga ak yang terlalu emosi.
ak lebih suka sendirian.
sehari menatap skrin laptop tapi ak tak rase ape2.
daripada berhadapan situasi awkward atau yang menyesakkan kepala.
ak lebih suka ditinggal sendri.. :))

Saturday, January 15, 2011

hijab tutorial :))

okay. let me warn you. this is my veryyyy FIRST TIME making vlog or tutorial.
so sorry if i look lost, stupid or anything. please forgive me for any weaknesses in this video. grammatical error for example :(
i'm still learning and trying to improve my english.
so, selamat mencuba and good luck :))

here is the link for hana tajima tutorial.
it is basically the same since i also learn from her tutorial.
click --->

by sue anna joe :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

roasters healthy eating day :)

its a red day today people. thanks to kenny rogers for throwing this kind of event/offer.
so me and my 10-years bestfriend nena went to kenny rogers today.
and as expected when we reach PAS's kenny rogers there's a long line of people que-ing outside the restaurant waiting for tables.
lucky for us by the time we reach there lots of people was already finish their meal. so we dont have to wait that long.
so we order the offer set which is quarter meal but unfortunately we cannot choose our side dishes as usual. we have baked beans, mashed potato and coslow as our side dishes and also vanilla muffins. i always love kenny rogers vanilla muffins. in fact i loveee their muffins more than any delicious cupcakes in this world. okay, over plak. hehe.
so we walked out stomach-full with only small bill to pay. :)) thanks kenny rogers!

Monday, January 10, 2011

obb relove this preloved part III

i went to obb relove this preloved III last saturday,
it was fun guys. ive met a lot of beautiful awesome people there especially the bloggers.
and yes most of the scarflets was there. and they were super friendly and nice.
i didnt buy much this time.
i bought preloved lacey dress, cardigan and a pair of black pants.
i also bought OBB alexa braided bag that has been catch my attentions since jezmine post about it in her blog :)
will post the picture later.
so overall it was awesomeee! hehe. i even got lots of new friends there.
i wish there are more event like this, besides digging into nice clothes we also can meet new people and share our interest which is fashion.
i think fashion did bring people together :))
enjooy the pictures :))

oh i almost forgot. for those who was wondering where did i get my maxi skirts, click this link:


Yes you can buy skirt that fit your body perfectly.
and the skirt will be customed made just for you. and the best part is they come with several beautiful colours.
you can get this beautiful skirts for only rm40 including postage.
PRE-ORDER will be open on 15TH JANUARY 2011. so place your order on that day peeps! :))

Friday, January 7, 2011


i keep thinking about my future lately! what i want to be and how im going to achieve my aim. future seems blur right now. but i am certain about one thing. im going to find a job first and put on hold my plan to pursue my master. family is what important to me right now especially my parent. they are my top priority. making them happy is my life goal. i wanna spoil them with happiness while i can! :))

i wanna fix myself this year. inside out. because when you have beautiful soul it will popped out through you outerself. i wanna be good inside out. and yes i wanna be myself more. i want people to like me because of what i am not what they want me to be :)) because life's too short to be somebody else. so be you! i have gone through the phase where i change to somebody that im not just to be accepted by group of people. but u know what, it wass sooo not worth it. but ive learn from my mistakes, if people doest even like me for who i am its okay. i'll find someone who does. :))

i'm a final year's student now. and yes no time for playing around anymore. i have to put my best effort in everything that i do especially my final year project which contribute lots of marks for my final grades. my first week starts alright. except the part when my supervisor was kinda mad at me since i didnt came back early to university to start my project. haha. other than that it was okay. class havent start yet this week only brief introduction was given by the lecturers. oh and i lovveeee my BEL class this semester. this class is basically to prepare final year's student for future job interviews. we will learn how to write application letters, resumes and also the proper attire for the interviews. awesome. as a final year student i think i really need this kind of guidance. i hope this class will improve my communication skills so i can do well in my job hunting process later.

that's all for now. got lots of journal to read. have a great weekend :))

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in memory

emak's birthday :)

beloved nephew and niece

employee id during internship :)

my first time eating at ikea

mata cam hantuuu.

AD im not aprom queen. pinjam je tu :)

new friends :) great one!

cuzzie cuzzie.

wonderful classmates

suprise party for my birthday :)) thanks guys
i-city :)

classmates again. it was fun that day :)

merry christmas

my second time skating at sunway. didnt get any better anyway.

melaka with cuzzies.

hari raya.

photoshoot for RNR shawl. helping my cousin.

MAYSAA event organize by yuna and hana. hana is damn goegeous.

mydent's suprise party hosted by me :)

reminiscing old times.




let past guide us to be a better person. inside out! :))