Friday, October 15, 2010

full house full stomach

this is the first time i actually eat here. the environment is super nice guys! and the service is superb. since it is our first time having lunch here, some of my friends just not quite confident whether the food is halal or not since it doesnt have halal logo there. so they keep asking questions just to make sure and the employees there was very nice and answer all of her questions patiently. and yes guys they serve halal food. it is nice to know that. thanks to aisyah.

and yes im not very familiar with the menus since i didnt go to this kind of restaurant that i decided to just order their lunch set which is chicken chop+potato soup+ice lemon tea+slice of white choc cake for only rm18.90. awesome right? hehe
then we went for ice skating. this is the third time i went there but i didnt get any better :( maybe i was not born to be a skater.(engineer instead??) hehe. but my friend was kinda good. but it was fun though, everytime! then i went to A&W alone since my stomach starting to sing bad tunes.

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