Tuesday, October 19, 2010

oh i wishh i was good enough!

i have an interview with intel today, or should i say interview-s. it was a disaster. i thought my soft skills was good enough. i guess i was wrong. i came unprepared and put high expectation for this interviews. and i end up disappointed. i was having three different interview for three different department. the first one was quite okay! he asked me simple basic question but i didnt know. he just asked me the k-map for ex-OR.and i couldnt even answer because i totally forget about it. what is wrong with me.

the second one was worse. no, triple worse. gosh i feel like crying. again the lady was asking the basic concept of a diode and i couldnt answer at all. i feel like an idiot. maybe i was too focus about the complicated circuits and problems i just ignore the basic fundamental which is sooo important. the third one was going quite well, but still i didnt answer that question correctly. but i got some minor good review though. he say i was very motivated and full with enthusiasm. eventhough i know that wasnt good enough for me to actually "RESERVE" the job but at the end of the day, i felt kinda good. it was nice experiences and yes i wanna do it again and this time as improved, well prepared candidate. i hope i will nail it next time. InsyaAllahh..

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