Wednesday, December 24, 2008


class starting next week.. and im not quite ready to go back.. i hav no place to live in.. ahaha.. so, scouting kat bilik org.. i juz looking forward to meet my friend. cant wait.. tak sabar tunggu py masuk jugak.. desperately need shuupin therapy..

mydent already on his way back to jb..kinda depressing to let him leave so soon.. but he insist goin back early~~ he already promised his best fren, nabil in seremban. they want to hang out together.. boys..

my chicken pox is gettin betta.. but my face hav lots of scars. stress.. mayb i shud find cream or sumtin to make it all dissapeared.. aiyak~~

Friday, December 19, 2008


life been boring.. im havng chicken pox for last few days.. so suck to see ur body cover with all those bintiks.. ahaha.. and my head become dizzy easily.. put me into reali damn stress condition.. holiday is almost over, but i hav no chance to meet my beloved bf, mydent of coz.. ahaha.. because of this chicken px, i wont be able to upload new pic of me at facebook.. uwaaa.. i hate to c my face in the mirror.. but i noe things will get betta.. my mom says like that.. juz hoping~~

already got my result.. for this sem.. and i am damn happy with it.. for the first time i got DL.. ehehe. all the effort,all the struggling finally pay off... now i ve to think about my college application.. so scared.. tanak dok umah sewa.. i will hav no money left for shuppin if im livin outside the campus and i dont hav any transportation.. aiyaaa~~

arap dapat kolej~~ chaiyok..

Friday, December 5, 2008

most important person~


sumtyme im bored with my life.. nothin to do.. to much stuff to think.. lots of things to figure out.. but yeah, thats life..thank god i hav mydent in my life.. he's like my punching bag.. i'll fil much betta if i talk to him..

seriously i miss my bestfren.. ihav lots of fren, but non of them are lyke my schoolmate in bainun.. yup.. frens come and go, and sumtymes they came back.. ahaha.. i hav met many kind of peple in my life. i guess it makes me more careful to be fren with people..(banyak yang PLASTIC je).. so i end up alone.. like i care.

cken: miss youuuu
nena: rindu nak gadoooo
deanna: nak g umah koooooooo

Thursday, December 4, 2008


im not new in this blogging stuff.. but at some point i juz got fed up with it.. dont know what to write.. what to think.. so i juz abandon my blog for quite sometime.. ahaha.. so its kinda weird for me to write again.. i decide to del my previous blog and start a fresh,clean start.. so people will start noticing the new ayunie..

act, i reali2 dont know how to dscribe myself.. but yeah.. nobody knows ayunie better than ayunie.. iam an ordinary gurl.. im not that bubbly frenly people.. so i never get good first impression.. like i care!!! i can be quite bitchy sometime.. ihate backstabber.. hate it so much.. luckily my frens are totally not lyke that.. thank god for that..

many things happen in my life that forced me to change.. but yeahh.. im stronger.. have more faith in myself,gain my self confidence back.. yayyy!! i feel gud bout myself.. but yeah, past still kinda haunting me.. but i will never let them take control of me like before. coz i know im betta.. yup sooooooooo much betta..

now i noe life can be damn cruel sometime.. yup life can be pain in da ass sumtime, but if we handle it well, we will get throung it.. i have.. finallyyyyyyyyyyy...

  • u cant even distract me nymor..
  • i dont even care how gud and how sexy u r coz deep down i think u noe im betta

but when you got caught up in reali bad situation.. i guess i juz help u be abetta person.. and i guess then u noe who ur real frens are. i dont wanna hate people nymor.. how much i hate someone i will try to like them.. that my vow to myself.. its not lyke i will worshiping them.. but i will try to put my anger aside..

but still,once i decide to kick you out fro my life.. u r out.. its not that i hate u.. but i juz dont need you.. haha.. like heidi klum said in project runaway.. " if u r not in, u r out"..=)