Thursday, September 23, 2010

oh my

kenapa cuti raya tak sebulan? ;((

loaded with assigment.i mean overload kind of way.but still i dont feel like finishing them. i dont know why but lately im turning into someone yang sangat kuat tido. always feel sleepy. lose focus and all. arghhhh. i have like tons of assignments and presentations need to be done and i havent start any of them.

going back to ipoh tomorrow, since i have this monthly appointment with my dentist. oh yes and it was painful every time. i miss my home act. it just been a week but miss my family already. here, i dont have anything to do!but sleeping of course!

but still i have to finish at least one assignment this week. or ill be super busy next week since i have DSD test which i know nothin about. ;((

so till then. im under alot of stress right now. fullstop!

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