Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ni hao. wo shi ayu.


okay. a brief update. i have drama shoot this morning. for mandarin actually. it covers 30% of our marks so yes we have to do our best. when i first signed for mandarin class as my third language i never thought that it can be very difficult .most of my seniors convince us that mandarin is one of the language that easy to score. but learning that language itself, i find it quite difficult. this semester we have to learn how to write in chinese. sangat susah ok.. there are steps we have to follow and every single line in a word actually has their own name. *sigh*
but still it was kinda fun learning it. and i salute those malay people who can speak mandarin fluently. one of my classmate can speak mandarin fluently. tak hensem pon jadi hensem trus. ;)

kenapa when malay people speak english fluently in front of everyone some people akn ckap berlagak, poyos and all? but if people can speak other language like mandarin, tamil, japanese and etc, their jaws will drop and say wow! i dont think its fair.
what do you think? ;)

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