Saturday, April 30, 2011

malam pra graduan :)

went for a dinner last two weeks.
it was quite awesome.
cant believe it has been four years already.
gonna miss uitm.
gonna start new life soon. cant wait.
wanna get away from all those negativity and start fresh.
im tired of all the dramas people always made.
wanna live a better life and i dont quite care if ill end up being alone.
because im a loner. and im more myself when im alone. and im happy. :)
so here a few pic from the dinner. more pic here.

i made a performance that day. so visit here for the video.

p/s: credit to mr. fauzi fatah for te pictures and video :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hello hello

hi there. havent write much lately. ive been super duper busy. but alhamdulillah, already presented my fyp project and will be graduating in a week. wohooo.

im so going to miss my university.
living here. or growing up here to be exact, is the most crucial life-teaching experience i must say. it does help me to be more matured person. and help me to handle various type of people. good or bad.

friendship has become the subject lately, since we are not going to see each other for a while after this. so yeah, im gonna miss my friends. thank you for this 4 years :) kahwin jgn lupa jemput :)

but im excited to explore working life. oh cant wait. im a lil bit scared of the future actually. do i have have what it takes to be an engineer? only times will tell. as for now, im just going to enjoy my one-week-student life and a month-unemployed-life.

ill be sitting for my final's final exam tomorrow. entrepreneurship paper. *sigh*
wish me luck guys cause i really need them.
or any of you has memorizing tips?
let me know :)

p/s: click here to know more about the skirt that i wear as in pics above :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011