Sunday, October 17, 2010

keep pretending

Have you ever felt so tired pretending that you are one strong girl?

Have you ever felt that you don’t have to take bad critics seriously just because you are an adult now?

Have you ever getting tired of pretending to like someone that constantly being rude to others including you?

Have you ever try to just suck up all of your anger toward someone just because being rude is the way he/she rolls?

Have you ever got bad critics about your appearance and the best thing that you can do is smile and tries to forget?

Have you ever get critics about the way you dress constantly even though you didn’t quite care about other people outfit, good or bad?

have you ever have a so-called friend who keep bragging and bragging that he/she has better life than yours?

Have you ever felt like you wanna yell at he/she and tell them to just shut the f*** up?

Have you ever felt so lonely even though you’re in a loud crowded place?

Have you ever felt so tired bout your freakin miserable life you just wanna sleep for a decade?

if you do, pleaseee let me know and tell me how you deal with them.

i think my inner bitchy side finally coming out. im starting to annoy other people. but i just cant help it. they constantly getting on my nerves. do i need to keep on pretending that im okay or just let the bitchy side of me do the deeds?

p/s: despite of all this, i always tell myself that people hate me for a reason, and for that i always need to work on my attitude. why cant they just do the same. because its getting hard to play "nice" whey they keep pushing you to become a bitch *sigh*

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