Tuesday, October 12, 2010

can i have this scooter sir?

there is an innovation competition(if im not mistaken) today in my university. all of the faculty from UiTM branches all over the country are coming to shah alam and show us their new invention and compete in this competition. there are a lot of new stuff i must say. for example, from my faculty (electrical engineering) there is a image sensor dustbin. if you just wave your hand or feet or anything the cover of the dustbin will open itself. cool huh? there is also a distance sensor lcd screen where it can control the brightness and contrast of your tv according to your distance from the tv.

the one that really catch my attention is the solar cells scooter. this scooter is practically like a mini motorcycle but instead of using fuel it use solar cells battery as it power generator. my lecturer, En Faizul was kind enough to let us "drive" the scooter in our hall. hehe. since i didnt even know how to ride a motorcycle it is kinda hard for me to balance myself from falling down. hehe. but it was cool. and im planning to get one if it has been commercialized later. was fun, then we headed to anggerik deli for lunch since ive been craving for carbonara pasta for over a week. :)

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