Thursday, December 30, 2010

j' adore!

i love all of this outfit. i just loveee them!lookbook makes me drolling to the max. i just love to see all the beautiful people with nice style. lookbook is definitely gives me some sort of inspirations.awesome!
i love evrything about this look!

lovee the blazer!

i love this adorable vintage look.

super nice effortless style.

love the combination.adorable

this pants! i want this pants! :)

love the top. maybe pair it with long black skirt or skinny jeans. it would be awesome!

2010 is coming to its finishing line. the curtain finaly closing. hehe. i dont have any extraordinary experience this year.but i did met alot of nice and beautiful people. especially bloggers. but apart from that i feel blessed for wonderful life that has given to me this year. despite of all the heart breaking moment that ive been through, overall my life has been quite good. and i am very grateful for that. i really do. so, bye 2010. gonna miss you.
i hope 2011 will bring lots of joy to me and my family. i wanna live my life the way it should be. i cant wait to finish my study. i know im going to miss my study life, people around me but i cant wait to step into the new environment, new adventure, and yes meet new people. :)

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