Saturday, December 18, 2010

with love :)

again i visit gunung lang but this time i drag my bf along.
i love it here. very nicee scenery just wash away your worries.
ahh i almost crash a car odw back from our trip. scaryy. thank god nothing happen.
im a terrible driver :((


jatt said...

hye.i love all ur skirts..wher do buy them?do u make them urself?i especially love the "menyapu lantai" the vibrant colors. :)

ayunietahir said...

i didnt actually made them mydelf. my aunt made it for me.. hehe. beli kain. around 2 meter. beli yang murah2 je. and then u can ask the tailor to make an "A-CUT" skirt :)

oh farah said...

alamak ai jelesnya tengok si tinggi pakai long skirt!!