Wednesday, December 22, 2010

oh no! it will end soon!

I just wake up from my afternoon nap. But wait, is sleeping for 4 hours is still called as “nap”? haha. I haven’t slept all night yesterday and I have to take my mom to the hospital for her check up early in the morning. And we have nasi lemak for breakfast after that. There’s a small restaurant near my house that sell one of the best nasi lemak ever. Unfortunately the drinks didn’t taste so good. Hehe

Holiday is coming to its end but I just feel so reluctant to go back to uitm. Or should I say, too lazy to become a student again? But for future’s sake I have to struggle in this last semester. I wannna at least maintain my cgpa or maybe increase the number a lil bit since my dream to get first class has been tragically crashed by my own past mistakes. So wish me luck okay. I can’t wait to get a job and have my own money. Wanna help my parent and pay back at least small portion of the sacrifices that they have been done for me. But yes I will miss my university life. I was fortunate to have friends that have been so wonderful to me. I wanna appreciate them more, insyaAllah. Thank you guys, for everything.

So, I’ve been occupied my time with cooking lately. Not all the time of course. Just recently. Hehe. This is all because of my friend aisyah nadiah who write lots of recipe in her blog that make me wanna try. She makes everything seems so easy. J check out her blog by clicking her name.

ive been making this baked potato with melting cheese on top couple days ago. and it taste really good! hehe

p/s: my internet connection is freakin slow. so when i view other people blogs the follower box doest appear. thank you for following my blog. will follow back later, insyaAllah :)


Aimi Sulaiman said...

wahh..ko try buat resepi aisyah..hee..aku hari tu konon nak buat tapi samapi ke hari ni tak terbuat. btw im droolingg..haha~

ayunietahir said...

hahaha. sedapp. abg aku suke gile kot. try la wei. berbaloi baloi. haha

sasuke said...

Ayu..rajinnyee ko wat..nti wat lar ckit bwak pgi u..hehee

ayunietahir said...

haha. menarik kan? hehe. kene mkn panas2. kalau nak bwk pg u nnt sejuk tak sedap. hehe. suh ecah wat sure lg sodap!

aisyahnadiah said...

haha....yg aku wat tu pon bukan sedap sangat pon...hehe..tade melting cheese cam ayu..hehe..=)

SANDRA AZWAN: Fashion Designer said...

it looks yummy to the max.!!!

p/s: terus rasa lapar!! oh lord..;-P

ayunietahir said...