Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in memory

emak's birthday :)

beloved nephew and niece

employee id during internship :)

my first time eating at ikea

mata cam hantuuu.

AD im not aprom queen. pinjam je tu :)

new friends :) great one!

cuzzie cuzzie.

wonderful classmates

suprise party for my birthday :)) thanks guys
i-city :)

classmates again. it was fun that day :)

merry christmas

my second time skating at sunway. didnt get any better anyway.

melaka with cuzzies.

hari raya.

photoshoot for RNR shawl. helping my cousin.

MAYSAA event organize by yuna and hana. hana is damn goegeous.

mydent's suprise party hosted by me :)

reminiscing old times.




let past guide us to be a better person. inside out! :))


HaNa HoNeY said...

2010 mnyak kengn manis gituww
hope 2011 even better en
hepi new year dear

ayunietahir said...

hope 2011 is even better for u too.

My MiRa said...

wah jelesnye jumpa yuna and hana...macam mana ley jumpa sume2 ni ek dear??

ikinluvbear said...

wahhh...dpt jumpe hana tajima.best2 =)