Sunday, December 19, 2010

new year, new hope :)

muke skema :)

new year's coming and everyone is busy making new aims and wishlist for next year. so have you guys make one.? i dont. hehe. there are so many things in my list that i havent done or at least even try. :( feel quite dissapointed with myself.

so for next year maybe ill just try to finish or at least try to fulfill all my aim from 2010 list. taking swimming class for example. my friend always forcing me to go swimming with them. and i refuse everytime. hehe, sorry guys.

i guess i have many regrets this year. not in a decision-making but more to the negativity in my attitude. i havent been a nice person i think. there's alot of negative vibes in my mind, my heart this year. ive done things that im not proud of and i even said words that i didnt even mean.

so this year apart from my determination to "check" all of my 2010 to-do-list, i wanna be a person with a positive mind. i wanna appreciate people around me more and become a better muslimah, daughter, sister, gf, friend and cousin. insyaAllah.

i wish 2011 will be a very meaningful year since ill be graduating this year :) and i hope Allah will always guiding my way to be a better person.


mai amir said...

hye ayu..awk kmpk kn dlu?rummate lina kn??hehe..

ayunietahir said...

aah. yup2.
kawan lina ke? :)

vanilla said...

hye dear ;) cantik la ur polka dots dress! likee..