Friday, January 7, 2011


i keep thinking about my future lately! what i want to be and how im going to achieve my aim. future seems blur right now. but i am certain about one thing. im going to find a job first and put on hold my plan to pursue my master. family is what important to me right now especially my parent. they are my top priority. making them happy is my life goal. i wanna spoil them with happiness while i can! :))

i wanna fix myself this year. inside out. because when you have beautiful soul it will popped out through you outerself. i wanna be good inside out. and yes i wanna be myself more. i want people to like me because of what i am not what they want me to be :)) because life's too short to be somebody else. so be you! i have gone through the phase where i change to somebody that im not just to be accepted by group of people. but u know what, it wass sooo not worth it. but ive learn from my mistakes, if people doest even like me for who i am its okay. i'll find someone who does. :))

i'm a final year's student now. and yes no time for playing around anymore. i have to put my best effort in everything that i do especially my final year project which contribute lots of marks for my final grades. my first week starts alright. except the part when my supervisor was kinda mad at me since i didnt came back early to university to start my project. haha. other than that it was okay. class havent start yet this week only brief introduction was given by the lecturers. oh and i lovveeee my BEL class this semester. this class is basically to prepare final year's student for future job interviews. we will learn how to write application letters, resumes and also the proper attire for the interviews. awesome. as a final year student i think i really need this kind of guidance. i hope this class will improve my communication skills so i can do well in my job hunting process later.

that's all for now. got lots of journal to read. have a great weekend :))


yumi's prOp.. :) said...

hye.. ;) ur sO cute ya..

anisizatyA.J said...

memang kawaiii gilaa. hehe:)

My MiRa said...

wah kebetulan mia pown baru je wat entry sal future...hope everything alright in the future kan

salam kenal

Aimi Sulaiman said...