Monday, January 10, 2011

obb relove this preloved part III

i went to obb relove this preloved III last saturday,
it was fun guys. ive met a lot of beautiful awesome people there especially the bloggers.
and yes most of the scarflets was there. and they were super friendly and nice.
i didnt buy much this time.
i bought preloved lacey dress, cardigan and a pair of black pants.
i also bought OBB alexa braided bag that has been catch my attentions since jezmine post about it in her blog :)
will post the picture later.
so overall it was awesomeee! hehe. i even got lots of new friends there.
i wish there are more event like this, besides digging into nice clothes we also can meet new people and share our interest which is fashion.
i think fashion did bring people together :))
enjooy the pictures :))

oh i almost forgot. for those who was wondering where did i get my maxi skirts, click this link:


Yes you can buy skirt that fit your body perfectly.
and the skirt will be customed made just for you. and the best part is they come with several beautiful colours.
you can get this beautiful skirts for only rm40 including postage.
PRE-ORDER will be open on 15TH JANUARY 2011. so place your order on that day peeps! :))



such a lovely combination of colors!big like

ayunietahir said...

thank youuuuuu :)

Sura Massura said...

share la cara nak pakai shawl mcm u tu..i like

ayunietahir said...

insyaAllah. ill find the time to do one later :)

anisizatyA.J said...

Whaaa everyone pakai maxi skirts. hehe :)

ayunietahir said...

haha.aah. ramaii pakai maxi haritu :)

Nanie Hussin said...

pretty ayunie! nice meeting you last Saturday my dear. keep in touch ya. Really hope to meet you again. take care dear.;)

ayunietahir said...

yeah.nnt kte hello2 la..
Then,jumpe lg.hehe.

Cik Erly Khalip said...

ayuni, luv your skirt.. where can i get it?

ayunietahir said...

owh please. click the link in this post dear :)

YB Raz said...

cute :)

just blogwalking here :)

Fazira said...

jeles nya xdpt pg! btw anda sgt cantek!! :D

Atiqah Alluru said...


oh farah said...

awww. that's me in there!! :D

Nisa A [Saya Suka Menaip] said...

ouhhh u pegi yeh OBB hari tu.. heheee
and yes super love ur maxi skirts ;D

myrubyslippers said...

love your maxi skirts. but when I click on the RNR Skirts, it showed CONTENT NOT FOUND :(

ayunietahir said...

thanks y'all! eehe
maybe you can add rabbiatul najua rosman in facebook

myrubyslippers said...

Found her but she doesn't allow anyone to add her as a friend?!