Tuesday, November 2, 2010

exam mode : ON


AFTER (lol)

im in my study week right now since ill be having my first paper this coming sunday. final exam's finally coming and im totally not prepare for both papers mgt and dsd. dsd aka digital system design is even worse. i have been strugling to understand this subject for the last 4 days and i didnt sure i get all the inputs that i should get. i dont even know why but my brain seems to be shuttiong down when it comes to dsd. its not that im not trying hard enough but i just cant understand this freakin-difficult-impossibletogetA subject. (T_T). i just need all the luck that i can get right now! :)

so wish me luck okay.

for those who will be having final exams like me, i wish you guys best of luck.

put your best efforts and try your best. no regrets. :)

cant even wait for this exam fever to be over. just wanna go back home and enjoy my holiday and learn how to cook maybe?

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