Saturday, November 27, 2010

i have to admit, im not very good when dealing with children. im awkward and i seriously dont even know how to entertain them. :( but everything change when i got a nephew, khairul hidayat. now i never get tired playing with him or even kacau-ing's funny to see his face turning red when he's mad at me. hehe. i love him dearly.

after exactly 5 years i got myself a niece and hidayat got himself a sister, nur khadijah adura. it just bring lots of joy to my family. and the best part is hidayat and adura share same birthday. cool right? i love them with all my heart. they are like our medicine when we are facing problems, because everytime bad situation occurs, when we look at them or play with them, all of our worries seems to just disappeared. :) simple as that.

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