Tuesday, July 13, 2010

me oh me


after class today ;)

just went to times square yesterday since my class end at 10.30 am.
it was fun! its been a while since me and my friends hang out together.
for me times square is a shopping heaven. u can get nice stuff for very reasonable price..
im not into branded stuff *tak mampu (x_x)* hehe
for me as long as its comfy and nice ill just grab it.
bought myself new pair of wedges and baggy shirt and jumpsuit lookalike top. ;p
and loving them.
all of us are buying new shoes, and my wacky friends force me to wear straightly after paying for the them. haha.
sadly my practical allowance is still MIA. so i have to limit my money spending.. ;(


xen said...

xdpt ptptn ke?
so sad la tp beter save money coz still awal lg. hehe

ei nywy add me kt fb or ym

alip ar.. dulu skolah SKTR kelas melur

ayunietahir said...

eh alip. tau2. hehehe. aku rase ak dah appruv ko kat fb kan?