Monday, July 12, 2010

hello ;)

my best friend

back to shah alam. bored. still in holiday mood. didnt even listen to all the lecturers. didint have any interest with all the subjets anyway. again, i have a great weekend. going back to ipoh last friday. my dear boyfie bought the ticket for me. sempatlah dating sekejap before i left.hehe

it was fun at home.! and the cheescake was super delicious as always. it was a short weekend though. i have to go back to kl on saturday because i follow my chu and paksu who just bought himself a Mercedes compressor. cool huh? bestnye banyak duit kan. tapi takpe. bersyukur dengan ape yang ada akan buat kite lebih gembire. ;) hehe the car was cool also. takde manual2 dah. semua button2 je. wanna adjust the seat, just push the button. button for this, button for that. confuse giler.and saya sgtlah jakun okkayyyy.. sumpah tak reti langsung!!

rase cam nak kumpul duet banyak2, belikan abah satu mase dah keje nt.tapi keep on dreaming ayunie. tapi kalau gaji sebulan 20k boleh kot. possible ke? haha.
and then, just lepak at chu's house. and all i do is eat and eat. strawberry with chocalatela, hotdogs, nuggets, ikan masak lemak cili api, paksu's signature fried egg, sayur campur, bendi rebus, karipap ikea, ubi kayu goreng and many moreeeeeeeeeee.. burppp.. sgtlah kenyang!

p/s: im quite dissapointed because i cannot be there at my nephew's sport day where he's the leader for bacaan ikrar ;( nasib kak su rakam. thank you technology! haha


xen said...

salam. ei ayuni ang kat shah alam ke?
uitm ek?

ayunietahir said...

yup. uitm shah alam ;)

xen said...

laa same ar.
ei ingat x lagi ni sape?
haha fakulti ape