Saturday, August 21, 2010

i am freakin messed up!

my english is getting worse.. lots of english vocabulary just dissapear from my mind. i dont even know why but i tend to forget lots of things lately. im in part 7 now. one more smester then ill be a out from this uni life. how am i supposed to go through all the interviews during my job seeking later? i should speak english more. but with who. my daily language is basically in malay. i only speak in english with my lecturers. my english was quite well actually back in finisar. maybe because i speak english frequently there i need to improve my english so badly or im not going to be ready when i graduating soon. maybe i should write more often. in english of course. and practicing to speak english in front of the mirror *freak* haha im envy those people who can speak english fluently. i have quite a lot of friends who speake english like that language is their mother tongue
i need to speak and write in english more frequently! *sighhhhh*


anisizatyA.J said...

Baca english newspaper!

Aku Alip said...

it dasent matter bekoh ih you sepeak english en others undersetend, it is orait.

even klatanese also sepeak englesh and perhaps we can understand :)
don't forget the utara ppl.

"the weada is kelia"
the weather is clear

nice motivation. 1 advise. eat lot of cheese instead belancan tau.