Thursday, July 8, 2010

sister lovee ;)

another great weekend. i love spending time with my cousins. *because they are so loud and fun* we decided to go for midnight movie last weekend. i wana watch toy story 3. i havent watch that movie yet. (lambat kan??) but all of them wanna watch knight and day.(T_T) yeah kami sangat ketinggalan in this movie department.

go for karaoke first since the movie start quite late. it was a cool place and comes with a very reasonable price. rm15 per room.pretty cheap huh? but too bad they didnt update the new songs. im singing sang mantan by nidgi. and i sound sooo the song though.

the movie was fun. cameron diaz is so hilarious. tom cruise also. best action movie eva! because they have comedy along with the actions. and tom cruise doesnt look that old! still smoking hot! ;) dont you think? im in shah alam now. no wireless in my room. and im sleeping without a pillow. sakit belakang! im going back to ipoh later. my sis in law bought me a cheese cake for my birthday. kak sue sgt baik. and the best part is the chef make it special for me!oh yeahhh.. *poyos?.. i know..* till then tata!

p/s:passing my driving teat already. but im still a terrible driver *quote from en tahir* (*_*')

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