Thursday, April 9, 2009

saye sudah bersedia! yeah..

haha,.. dont be fooled by the title.. it juz me having positive attitude. gosh.. i cant believe this sem is almost over.. im sooo not prepare for my finals.. im taking 5 subject this sem.. and unfortunately all the subject belongs in the highest difficulty range. damn.. im taking short course diz sem.. i mean maybe~ i donno.. i want to hav that bloody short sem so i wont be suffering for next sem.. but taking short sem means that i wont be able to see mydent slalu~ but mydent encouraging me to take the short sem.. so how? im definately feelin kinda blur with everything.. juz finish my test yesterday.. and i must say.. it wuz kinda good ending.. haha.. i miss ipoh so much.. i miss my mom's kailan ikan masin.. haha.. well.. im going back tomorrow.. thanks to my classmate for willin to buy me a bus ticket in last minute.. really appreciate that.. yeahh... *lagu balik kampung berkumandang*

and oh.. miss my frz bukhori so much too.. word cant describe.. you are all im thinking about. makan ingat. ngah melepak ingat. nak tido pon ingat.. siap masuk mimpi lagi.. haha.. love you fariz~

p/s: ill be leaving my laptop at home for the rest of exam weeks. so, no more online for me..(T_T)



zarf_iera said...

ayu!! gud luck final exam!!
all da besh!! huhu

ayunietahir said...

thanks ;)

Tyra Omar said...

gud luck okkay?..
my final lambat lagi..
but presentation for final project just around the corner..

anisizatyA.J said...

hehe..blaja slowly jgn stress2

Aqilah Qiqi said...

lucky lucks for your exams too syg! :)

btw, i lalalove your blue top. chomel! :)