Monday, April 6, 2009


i hav this presentation today.. programming course.. they asked us to do a program about anything.. so we decided to do a program about selling movies ticket.. we hav our own cinema anyway.. haha.CINEMA PLANET..

overall oyr presentation is ok..we manage to answer all the question that he asked.. phuhhh~~ but still i think im not goin to do well on this subject~my last two test wuz a disaster.. and saye hanya berserah~

before this im thinking of taking major in computer but i guess computer or prgramming isnt really my thing~ confused with evrything~ but still got final to go through.. hope im abe to get 3.0 pointer and above this sem~ insyaAllah.. pray for me everyone!!p/s: i want him ryte here ryte now.. coz im soooo stressed out!!


nas said...

i'll pray for u..
gud luck!
bsok nas ad test.
but still bleh blogging
god bless me

mish u 2

zarf_iera said...

bia btol kao nk amek major prgrmming?? gle kental jiwe rage ko.skang ko amek c++ ea? amcm? best x?hahaha..x amek java g..sgt best!! hahaha..