Tuesday, April 7, 2009

confession of a girl to a boy =)

hey you,

before this,im a girl who care too much about what other people think of me.. do they like me.. what they think bout my appearance, yeahh.. i noe its kinda lame.. but i just can help it..i alwiz wanna look the best in front of everybody and i admit, mmg pressure..

but now evrything has change.. i dont even care anymore what people say about me.. honestly i dont give a damn.. as long a you have nice thought about me which i noe you do.. and for me its more than enough.

you thought me lots of things.. u make me love myself more. u help me build my confident back. and youll alwiz there when i wuz ranting about my face and all.. thanks sayang..

i dont even know what is the purpose of writing ths post.. i juz feel so grateful having you. to be with you..after evrything that we hav been thru.. all the pain, the smile you put on my face.. its all worth it..

you are the only one for me.. and this my thank list for you..
  • thanks for alwiz be there for me frz.. appreciate it so much
  • thanks for alwiz try to make me happy..
  • thank you for ur patient.. i noe i can be so difficult to handle sometime.
  • thanks for staying with me although i give you many reasons not to do so.hehe
  • thank you so much for not giving up to get my parent approval.. and yeah.. they do now!!
  • thank you for having me in your life..
  • thank you for loving me
  • thank you for EVERYTHING..

i never feel like this about anyone.. i love you so deep.. no one can take that away.. not even the most handsome prince in this world.. or the richest bachelor alive.. only you will get my attention.. only you that i want..


p/s: sesape yang terase annoy bace this post.. sorry~ huhu..juz cant help it..


anisizatyA.J said...

awhhh..super sweet :)

bile nk bwk aku n vye jumpe? hehe

zarf_iera said... sweetttt.......hihi..

ayunietahir said...

annes: nnt ko balik kite jumpela~
zarf:tq ;)
aku ingat people will annoyed when reading this post.. but wutever pon i dont care.. diz is wut i feel.. hahahaha..*gediks*

cken said...

walla~ ur prents dah approve? congrats!

Aqilah Qiqi said...

mesti mydent senyum sorg2 baca dis post!
hehe. sweeeeeeeeeeet! :')

ayunietahir said...

cken: yup dah approved and we kinda realted..
qiqi: thanks honey~