Wednesday, January 14, 2009

im back to shah alam~~

hye~~ u know what, best sgt g JB. i hav a blast time there. luv the food,environment,the people(of course).. evrything.. sangat nyesal tak apply.. UTM is sooo different with uitm.. utm sangat besar ok. masjid die pon dah macam masjid shah alam..

so happy i can hang out with mydent.. but we spend most of our time in UTM.. so, i arrived at sri putri on thursday.. i didnt go to class on friday.. sangat jahat~ aha.. then mydent took me to kolej rahman putra or KRP.. hehe.. this is hanny's college where i will stay for a few days.. so glad to see hanny again.. otho rumah dekat tp rarely meet.
then mandi2 g makan bakso~the best bakso ever.. seriously.. feel like utm's student for a while i guess..pastu mydent bawak tour satu utm.. pastu malam makan kdse.. sedap jugak tau~~ and tukang masak die sangatla cute.. ehehe.. cci mateskejap.. tapi lg ske tgk mydent yang ade kat depan mate.. act that is our routine for the whole weekend.. amost evryday, makan bakso~~ =)

otha than dat we juz jalan2, and snap lots of pic mostly pic of me.. sorry syg~~ and thanks for being such a good photographer..

then, on sunday.. i hav to go to shah alam.. sangat ssh nak tglkan mydent.. i dunno why.. its not like we never gonna meet again ryte? but i dunno.. i fil like im losing sumtin.. and believe or not i cried beforenaik bus and ble bus dah jaln pon.. im gonna miss him~~
fariz bukhori, thanks for evrything uve done for me.. ill be the greatest gf u ever had.. thats my azam tahun baru.. aahaha..



farhanasumiran said...

muke sgt licin skng!!!
x aci!!!
ape buat???

ayunietahir said...

tadela licin mane.. jumpe doc je

vYe said...

salah tue...tapi photoshop!

ayunietahir said...

satu gambar je dowhh.. ahaha yang len tak edit pon!! and bukan photoshop!!