Sunday, January 4, 2009

i juz wanna L.I.V.E MY LYFE

already in uitm.. my rayuan diterima.. so iam ofificially melati's people.. ahaha.. i dont quite bonding with my rummies yet. they juz soo..... diffrent.. and they rarely talk to me.. so i juz do my own business.. the best part of this room is, dapat wireless. im so happy but scared at the same time.. takut lalai and tak study..

this is wut ive been going thru this past few days:

saturday : supposed goin back to shah alam today but my dad change his mind at the last time and decide to send me to shah alam.. so i dun hav to tumpang my uncle~~.. got very bad cold dat day.. and havin a soar throat.. including my mom and my bro.. so mom decide to take me to the clinic .. die risau demam baru tu.. ape taha name die chikukunya sumtin~~turns out im juz havingnormal flu.. then,we started to pack our things coz we r gonnaspend a nyte at my aunts.. my momkip callin abg eli(my bro) sbb nak gne krete hyundai which abg eli bawak pg rafting without tellin us. he cant be reached.. damn pissed off. so abah bawak waja je.. and tak bleh antar sampai shah alam coz waja tu rosak grak jelaaa~~we r having a blast moment at my aunts.. sangat suke t malim.. ahahaha

sunday : hav to say gudbye to my parents.. so kak jea and kak lia will send me back to shah alam.. we make a quick stop at wondermilk cupcakes to buy some, and kak lia nak tempah cupcakes for her engagement with jack.. and then, straight to shah alam.. uwaaa~~


anisizatyA.J said...

chingukuya kot..aku de penah blaja psl tu.huahahhaha..da lupe da

ayunietahir said...

ahaha..yeke..akupon tatau