Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i miss my girl friends

miss them much

hope they were ere..

pape pon.. ooo.. sangat tak sabar nak balik ipoh.. ipoh ku yang tercinta..

last night im havin a program called malam tautan hati which organized by my college.. it is so damn bored.. dah la smalam my class straigt 8 to 6, then rushing mkan bersiap.. then trus tron and wait for the bus.. dahla ramai gle.. tapi busnye 3 bijik je.. menyirap je!! my fren almost jatuh dalam longkang. sian mcru.. but it doesnt stop there.. when we got there,the hall if already full with people.. and LUCKY for us we got ourselves a NICE spot.. the stairs.. damn.

we didnt hear a thing that pengetua ckap.. we juz too busy snappin pic.. ahaha.. and nadea... gambar ni sume tak edit. =)


sir NIK said...

salam...nice view...kali pertama melawat blog anda..

ayunietahir said...

owh thnks