Friday, December 5, 2008


sumtyme im bored with my life.. nothin to do.. to much stuff to think.. lots of things to figure out.. but yeah, thats life..thank god i hav mydent in my life.. he's like my punching bag.. i'll fil much betta if i talk to him..

seriously i miss my bestfren.. ihav lots of fren, but non of them are lyke my schoolmate in bainun.. yup.. frens come and go, and sumtymes they came back.. ahaha.. i hav met many kind of peple in my life. i guess it makes me more careful to be fren with people..(banyak yang PLASTIC je).. so i end up alone.. like i care.

cken: miss youuuu
nena: rindu nak gadoooo
deanna: nak g umah koooooooo

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