Friday, December 19, 2008


life been boring.. im havng chicken pox for last few days.. so suck to see ur body cover with all those bintiks.. ahaha.. and my head become dizzy easily.. put me into reali damn stress condition.. holiday is almost over, but i hav no chance to meet my beloved bf, mydent of coz.. ahaha.. because of this chicken px, i wont be able to upload new pic of me at facebook.. uwaaa.. i hate to c my face in the mirror.. but i noe things will get betta.. my mom says like that.. juz hoping~~

already got my result.. for this sem.. and i am damn happy with it.. for the first time i got DL.. ehehe. all the effort,all the struggling finally pay off... now i ve to think about my college application.. so scared.. tanak dok umah sewa.. i will hav no money left for shuppin if im livin outside the campus and i dont hav any transportation.. aiyaaa~~

arap dapat kolej~~ chaiyok..


Izati said...

hello! take care, mesti ok punya. aku pun baru dpt chicken pox last month. heheh congrats on ur results!!

ayunietahir said...


Aqilah Qiqi said...

hehehe eemie pun kena chckn pox?
agaga cute ohh :P
ayu, letak la gmbr u kena chicken pox! mahu tgk :P