Wednesday, December 24, 2008


class starting next week.. and im not quite ready to go back.. i hav no place to live in.. ahaha.. so, scouting kat bilik org.. i juz looking forward to meet my friend. cant wait.. tak sabar tunggu py masuk jugak.. desperately need shuupin therapy..

mydent already on his way back to jb..kinda depressing to let him leave so soon.. but he insist goin back early~~ he already promised his best fren, nabil in seremban. they want to hang out together.. boys..

my chicken pox is gettin betta.. but my face hav lots of scars. stress.. mayb i shud find cream or sumtin to make it all dissapeared.. aiyak~~

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Aqilah Qiqi said...

hows chickn pox? dah fully recover?
huhu. dun wori, ur NOT d oni one yg lazy cuz sem nak bukak. i pun samaaa :(
oh ur not staying inside campus ke? den u tinggal kat mana nantI?