Sunday, March 20, 2011


oh hello hello.
it has been a while. i dont have much to write lately. my life has been revolved around my final year project which not even close to its finale moment. kinda depressing.
i havent have enough time to go out or even stay a bit while in ipoh. :(( and i dont even have a chance to even taste my mom's cooking last weekend. plus my teeth is in so much pain right now due to this @#$%#@ braces (T_T).
im a lil bit depressed right now. okay tipu! im under enormous amount of stress right now. have 2 more weeks to submit my technical paper and i dont even finish my experiment yet. can i just give up? or did i already have?
okay this final smester thingy is freakin exhausted. i need a rest. i mean a real good rest. i wanna go somewhere where nobody knows me. ALONE. im tired being around people. im tired communicating with people. i just wanna go somewhere with nice environment where i can finish at least one Nicholas Spark's novel. at least.! i need to go somewhere quiet or ill end up being crazy like people in my hometown. people in hospital bahagia to be exact. sigh.
tired of giving fake smiles. tired with people who thinks that they know me better than myself.
call me cocky but stop harassing me wit your useless words just because you're jealous. im done with it. be who you are is what they said. but please stop being "who you are" for a while and show some respect. okay, now im ranting.

and unfortunately for some reason fashion really bores me.

oh yes, despite all of this, there's a moment that makes me grinning all day. :) and im delusional since ;p

meeting this lovely fella. redza minhat. i think he's a brilliant actor. been a fan of his since pisau cukur. but i admire his mind more and how he write his opinion about something. sarcastic but true. i think i might be in love. ;p okay giving myself a bitchslap and now im back in reality *sigh*

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