Sunday, March 6, 2011

happy is my middle name :)

the most important people in my life :)

happy. that is what i feel right now. there's a lot of things to be grateful for in my life right now. thank you Allah for all the happiness. i am honestly very grateful for what i have right now.

im grateful for the family that i have who has been nothing but supportive through my entire life. especially my parents. thank you for your prayers and hard work in order raise me and made me the way i am . everything that i've done or will do is for you guys. insyaAllah ill repay your hard work and sacrifices soon. i love them so much :)

im grateful for having my bf by my side who always been there for me. through anything. thank you for all of your support and advices. and yes you are actually one of the reason for me to smile everyday. thank you for being super awesome and such a sporting bf during this 4 years and 9 months time. i love you so much. i long for the day when ill be "officially" yours. insyaAllah. may this relationship last forever, i love you fariz bukhori :)

im grateful for the friends that i have around me. thank you for constantly been there for me and always helping me when im in need. especially my 10 years bestfriend. you know who you are. not to forget to my university friends who always helping me in the academic and social department. im so grateful to Allah for the opportunity to be your friend. sorry for all the wrong deeds and may our friendship last forever :)

i hope tomorrow will be better than today, and if its not i hope ill have all the strength to fight and live my life the way it should be live. :)

and oh, i almost forgot. about the good news that ive told earlier. it has been official :) i've been offered a job at intel penang :) im excited but freaking out a lil bit. do i have what it takes to be an engineer? im not sure about that :( semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya :) and yeah i hope my fyp will be working according to plan.. fyp, please be good to me.


Tiq said...

Congrats for that! You'll be fine dear! All the best !!!

Nena said...

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh! happy for u babe. yeah proud is the word! so proud of u babe.. banje ak lele ;p