Thursday, May 23, 2013

hey ho!

There are a lot of things I wanna say, but I don't quite know how to put them in words. many things happen for the past few years. and many weight has been gained these past few months as well. haha. well, for a start I'm engaged last December! to my long time boyfriend since 18 years old. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. i fell so grateful to have him. cliche but true.

Life's full with ups and downs. I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it. even in difficult time I guess. It just quite difficult to stay positive sometime. I think I need to learn to be grateful. I'm grateful now but honestly I dont think I'm grateful enough. :(

so, whats new? hmm let see. I'm going to Costa Rica soon for almost a year. Quite excited but there is a slight fear i feel inside. this is the first time I'll be this far away from family. and my fiance of course. we have been in LDR for quite sometime now but the distance.. well not this long. hehe. but insyaAllah if its meant to be it will meant to be right.

I really need this trip actually. I need to learn to appreciate everything I have in life. I believe this trip will teach me more about life. how to survive without your loved one by your side.. and maybe improve my cooking skills as well :P I hope I come back a better person. inside out.. physically and spiritually.I really need to improve my working skills and this is just what I need. and I couldn't be more grateful. :)

just random pictures from my picture folder :)

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