Sunday, February 13, 2011

lets hope for the best :)

i miss my mom so much these past few days.
i was constantly reminiscing old times. especially when i was little.
all of these memories makes me appreciate her more.
i remember how she'll ride the old bike we used to have, everyday just to pick me up from kindergarten.
remember how she'll comfort whenever my dad scolded me for being naughty.
i love her dearly. she has been going through lots of painful moments i just wanna make her happy.
that is my priority right now.
everything that i've done is for my parent.
i just wanna shower them with happiness
i remember my dad will cook for me right after he scolded me or even tibai me with tali pinggang. haha
i guess he felt guilty at that time. :))
so i hope ill be graduating in time and got a job asap so i can pampered them with my salary. hehe. lets hope for the best :)

okay enough about that. let me tell you guys about my day.
i went to i love bazaar at subang parade today.
there were lots of online boutique open their booth there.
act my main purpose going there was to meet my fb/blogger friend shatirah shukri.
we've met once at hana tajima event last year. ive been reading her blog wayy before that event act. and i admire the way she mix and match her clothes. very cool. and she's super friendly too.

i also met the adorable ana.
she's super cute with very chic hairstyle. i buy a dress from her once. also been reading her blog.
and for me she has nice sense of style. and comel sgt die neh. i think everyone agree bout that.

and ive met the lovely suuwa chan.
and i loveeee her outfit so much.
how come these people know how to mix and match teir outfit so well? (T_T)

so overall it was a very nice weekend for. me and my friends going for karaoke after that and scream our lungs out. haha. it was super fun. oh we went to nandos for lunch today. this is act my first time eating there. (T_T) and honestly im not a big fan. maybe it doesnt suit my tongue kot.
and i didnt even finish my sidelines :(

okayla. i need my beauty sleep right now. . ehe. and i wish tomorrow will be better than today :))
insyaAllah. nite peeps.

tirah.suuwa. ana :)


Lia.Jack.Ryan said...

When your intentions are good, insyaAllah ade rezeki. ;)

didiyana said...

blog walking..nice blog btw..kalau free singgah la kat my blog..

Lyna Shaari said...


SizZLing SuZai said...

salam hi ^^

babe, we shared 3 things in common as i go through ur bio here..
engineering, FASHION lover n we blog in english COZ we wanna improve it...seriusly!! "^^

nice meeting u here..n nice blog here as well~

anisizatyA.J said...

hahaha gambar last tu apakah? lol. weeehhh i miss youuu! jumla jumpa nanti!

Illi Hzbull said...

illi beli brownies je!
wuwu, purse x m'izinkan...
nxt time kte pg sesama eh :)

illi ade tag ayu!

Tiq said...

To be away from our beloved family is not an easy thing to deal with especially when you have that strong family bond. I feel you dear. Stay strong, finish what you have started. I wish you all the best and do let us know when you are graduating ok. Feel better soon dear!

You have a beautiful taste in clothes. Love your outfit!

P/s: I thrift almost everywhere, there’s one bundle shop in Bndr Baru Ampang and if you happen to stroll in KL the next time, there’s a row of street market along
Jalan Tengah ( the stretch starts from Raja Chulan monorail ‘til The Weld. Check the first two stalls ). You won’t miss it !! Happy thrifting !!

Tiq said...

Ohh did I mention, it's on Fridays ?? Do check them out.