Friday, February 4, 2011

bundle? who cares ;p

i am definitely a bundle person. aha. i love digging into bundle clothes cause you might find good stuff people. there is one new bundle in ipoh that i frequently visit for these past few months. MF Mart is located in silibin perak. so, for those who lives near that area do go to this store as they are selling cheap bundle stuff from japan! the dress that i wore above, i got it for only rm10 :)

my mid sem break is finally come to its end.. have to go back to shah alam tomorrow with enormous assignment to finish. i havent done any of them yet. and im currently having heavy flu :( i dont wanna go back to shah alam. hate my final sem. :(


Tiq said...

Ayu, i totally agree with you. I'm a street market/bundle shop lover myself. Not to mention it's cheap, comfy and it's very rare to find the same outfit anywhere else, so the chances of getting caught wearing the same outfit with someone else is very slim, betul tak?? hehe..
And good luck with your final semester !! You go girl!

ayunietahir said...

hee. same here tiq :)
selalu pg bundle mane?

nur fitrah novelis said...

salam..ahad bukak ke?

nur fitrah novelis said...

ahad bukak ke?