Friday, February 13, 2009

my past

dulu penah tanye nadea camne die lupakan semua yang jd kat dia.. and stop comparing herself with the otha gurl? nadea ckapp:

nadea: wat bodo je and mende tu akan go away..

i guess its true.. my cousin cakap kenapa nak pikir mende yang lepas, and mende dah jd.. loooooooooonnnngggg time ago.. so napa nak seksa diri.. and.. that gurl doesnt even think bout me, my feelin..i mean IF la im betta than her pon.. i dont think she care!! then why shud i care if shes betta or not.. shes livin her life.. and i shud do the same long time ago.. but i guess its not to late..

hey you..
sorry if u think im weird by trying to b fren with u..
sorry for always check upon ur page..
sorry for being too cocky by saying im wayyy betta than you..
sorry for evrything..
this end here.. coz im livin my life..

i will start livin my life by lovin myself.. i luv what im feelin ryte now.. terasa sangat legaaaaaa.. thanks for the xperience but yeah..



Tyra Omar said...

kamu de blog rupenye..
de masa singgahlah my blog..
n ya..
about that gurl..i dunno who..
just ignore that feelings ya..
be yourself..

ayunietahir said...

Thanks a loy tyra..