Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my darling nas~

lautan manusia

nassy and me

diz week is sgt heaven for me.. i maen, no test, no assignments and no more stress.. yeahh~*wink*i hav only 2 classes today ok.. petang tade.. and balik je kelas td trus asyik dibuai mimpi.. haha.. then got msg from nas.. i promised her nak tman die jage booth(yeah rytee.. boothla sangat kan nas? )so, bangun, smayang and take my bath..

nassy2, i know this gurl for about 2 years now.. goshh, didnt realized it at all!! she 's younger than me(1 year only) but still she call me kak ayu.. haha.. die sangat kelam kabut.. evrybody says dat (sorry nas, still love you)haha.. so we went for this event for GAZA i think.. tapi under nassy's faculty.. so we juz chillin.(mostly laughing). it wuz damn fun!!

slalu sangat xcited if im with her.. i mean i will have never ending laugh when im with her. so lucky to hav her as my fren!! i mean my sister.. yes we r sisters~ FOREVER!

p/s: nassy, im singing wut goes around comes back around so loudly!! can u hear me? haha..


nas said...

akak ayu,
:) thx 4 tonite..
u r always a wonderful fren + sister 2 me..
i feel warm whenever u r around..
i can hear u singing that song..
n guess wut?
im singing along
i love everybody who is worth loving for..
n i love u kak ayu :)

ayunietahir said...

wawawa.. so you!!

Anonymous said...

kak ayu!!..