Tuesday, June 7, 2011

oh working life

Assalamualaikum and Hi there.
As if anyone there reading my blog.
So how's life been treating? mine? Pretty good. It just a lil bit boring since i dint have anything much to do during my first week of working life.
Yes you've heard it right( or saw it right? whatever) I’m a working lady now. Pretty lame huh? semakin tua. hehe.
Its been a week already and i must say everything has been falling accordingly. I love the environment because everything seems...... EQUAL. It just im quite blur about everything. I find every single acronym that they speak is like a language from another different planet. mereka cakap " biasalah baru lagi". i hate being "baru". Because being new means you have to go through those awkward phases of asking question, nodded and smile for something that you are absolutely clueless about.
but i'm grateful though. Everyone is so welcoming makes my heart keep smiling even i dont understand a thing. i hope everything will be fine. i just have to step away from my comfort zone. Start mingle with people. Start asking questions and start putting extra effort in everything.
i have to work hard, for my parent's sake. insyaAllah. tetapkan niat yang baik, insyaAllah perkara baik akan menyusul. Semoga Allah jauhkan diriku dari perasaan hasad dengki. aminnn..

so have you heard about prema yin video.? what an issue right. okay i'm not going to talk about the video . but about a commentor at the director's page. there's a lady who has been very protective of him. defending every single action that the director has made. good or bad. i dont really care bout that since everyone has the right to support or hate another human being. but i am pissed off when she condemmed Malaysia grads. i dont even know how the video and Msia grads are even related. what's wrong with Msia Grads anyway. she claimed to be an Ivy League grads. So what? it doesnt mean that she can just say or even claimed the she is better than anyone else. so yes you're graduated from an excellent reputation school but still you're working here, in Malaysia. so maybe instead of insulting msia grads or even people who work for local firm and government maybe you should just zip your mouth shut. :/

sorry for the long ranting tonight.
thats all for now.
no more outfit post/pictures from me until further notice. ;p
ave a good night everyone! :))


Nur Salsabilla said...

Hai, ayu keje ktne? wahh..syok woo dah keje..gudluk ok!

anisizatyA.J said...

Best gila dah kerjaaaa

Shy said...

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KaylaKabree said...

hey :)

i just thought i would stop by and let you know that I really enjoy your blog and would love if you would check mine out sometime. Im hoping to get some sort of loyal veiwers so i can learn and grow with them, and maybe even become friends! lol. Thanks so much to all who visit!

-Kayla Kabree

Sareh said...

Cool stuff here. Insight into Malaysian life. Keep writing!
Thanks :)
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