Thursday, July 30, 2009


yes im currently in ipoh due to penutupan uitm shah alam because of H1N1.. act i am kinda scared to go back.. setakat ni dah 4 org mati because of diz disease.. i think i need to get a mask.. haha.. thank god that i have zero foreigner classmate.. so peratus utk dijangkiti menurn..

so here i am in ipoh.. tak wat pape.. oh yeah.. i went for a movie yesterday.. ALONE! everybody's kinda bz so i went to watch harry potter alone..and i love it.. i dont even know why people give such bad reviews for this movie.. i think it wuz ok.. not too bad but not the best among harry potter's movie either..and i even cry when dumbledore die! jiwang sungguh.. and the i juz walking around tanpe arah tujuan.. grab a shirt at p n co.. buy some other stuff and trus balik.. tapi best jugak tgk wyg sensorang.. concerntrate sket. ;)

this is my almost 8 years overall.. korek2 almari terjumpe.. mmg tak membesar betul gue ni!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


its been a while since my last post.. honestly i dont even know what to write lately.. it feels like my brain isnt workin for this blogging thingy..haha..nothin much happen to me lately... except for mydent special visit last week.. it wuz so much fun.. i can even describe it with words.. thats all i guess.. and yeah ptptn already fill my bank account last 2 weeks and unfornately here i am and already broke.. cant wait for raya to come so i can REFILL my money in the bank acc.. adeii sangat lambat lg.. luckily i list all the stuff that i buy so i know whre all the pembaziran goes!and yes i hav some stuff that i already ordered on the internet that i havent PAY yet.. uwaaaa.. and thats pretty much goin on in my super messy life! thank you~

tiadakaitan : i have lots of regret in my life but never regret meeting and loving you!