Thursday, July 30, 2009


yes im currently in ipoh due to penutupan uitm shah alam because of H1N1.. act i am kinda scared to go back.. setakat ni dah 4 org mati because of diz disease.. i think i need to get a mask.. haha.. thank god that i have zero foreigner classmate.. so peratus utk dijangkiti menurn..

so here i am in ipoh.. tak wat pape.. oh yeah.. i went for a movie yesterday.. ALONE! everybody's kinda bz so i went to watch harry potter alone..and i love it.. i dont even know why people give such bad reviews for this movie.. i think it wuz ok.. not too bad but not the best among harry potter's movie either..and i even cry when dumbledore die! jiwang sungguh.. and the i juz walking around tanpe arah tujuan.. grab a shirt at p n co.. buy some other stuff and trus balik.. tapi best jugak tgk wyg sensorang.. concerntrate sket. ;)

this is my almost 8 years overall.. korek2 almari terjumpe.. mmg tak membesar betul gue ni!


anisizatyA.J said...

ko keluar alone pakai mcm tu ker?? niceeee outfitt :)

zarf_iera said...

saje je ko nk mengorat mamat2 ensem kn?
2 yg merayap sowg2 n dress up cun2..hahaha