Wednesday, May 13, 2009


its been a while since my last post.. my exams finally over.. and i must say i didnt do so well.. all my papers are suprisingly very very and very difficult..=( move on ayunie.. so i only have a week to bermalas malasan at home since my intersesion course will start diz coming monday.. aiya~

intersession.. i warn u.. im actually not prepared for you..

but atho i miss home so much, boredness still haunting me.. being the only daugther in my family kinda suck.. aha.. and my cousins is out of town... anddd mydent is still MIA.. haha..mydent decided to spend his holiday with his fren.. and will meet me up when im in shah alam.. hmm..

so i juz sittin around in my precious home doing nothing.. bosan..

tiadakaitan: oh yeah.. i watch 90210 juz now.. and i think that drama is cmpletely ewww.. the cast in this tv show is completely an anti hot people.. haha.. i think silver is hot but she turns out to be a complete pycho plak.. aiyoo.. sangat tah pape~


bhafashionista said...

kak ayu!
link la bha skali!

Bohemian Virtuoso. said...

banyaknye mate tbeliak. haha.
Tompang lari pecut 100m

nas said...

hepi holiday akak!