Saturday, March 7, 2009


dont even know what to write.. haha.. i miss my home so much.. i am supposed to go back home this weekend but unfortunately.. tiket, i am stuck here in my room.. ALONE. all of my roomate balik.. damn.. i am bored.. super duper bored..i dont even know what to do.. wanna hang out somewhere.. but with who? nena's not here.. most of my fren hav stuff with their college. sukan mawar sumtin.. argghh.. this is like the worse weekend eva.been listening to 101 song by albert hammonds jr at medi's page like 1000 times now.. can you imagine how bored i am..? i mis home.. miss my hidayat.. he's calling me like 2 days ago tellin me what he learn in school.. he even bace selawat nabi and another doa for me.. smart boy~ miss him.. aduii.. ive been staring at my lappy like forever.. haha.. on9, on9, on9 je kejenye..

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